Tourist Places

Temple Day View
Balaji Puram
Category Religious

Balaji Puram is famous for Lord Balaji’s huge temple.This place comes under Betul Bazar Nagar Panchayat. The District Headquarters is…

Taapti Surya Kund
Tapti Udgam
Category Religious

Multatai city M.P. Not only in the whole country, there is publicity in the form of the origin of virtue…

Salvardi Cave
Category Religious

There is a cave of Lord Shiva in Salvari. There is a huge fair every year on Shivratri. There are…

Kukru Greenery View
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

Betul district is situated in the Surmuktas of Satpura. Kukru Betul is the highest peak in the district. About 92…

Water Fall
Category Religious

Betul district’s development block Bhasadehi is situated in the village panchayam thopoda is situated in the great Jain tirtha Muktagiri….