Places of Interest


King Jaital ruled Betul district in the 11th century Bhopali area. His capital was in Khedladurga. Raja Jaitpal, the chieftain of this fort, gave rigorous punishment to thousands of sadhakas for not getting Brahm’s interview. According to its demand, Mahapandit had interviewed Brahm from Divya Shakit by Yogacharya Mukundraj Swam and on this place, the sadhus of the saints who had been penalized were tormented. They broke the tradition of writing scripture in Sanskrit for thousands of years. He has the importance of Vivke Sindhu in Marathi language in entire Maharashtra province. This place is very ancient in terms of archeology and spirituality.


The fair of Gurubaba Sahib in Malajpur starts every year from full moon and goes to Basant Panchami for about a month. It is believed that Baba Saheb’s samadhi is getting rid of the phantom constraints. Nobody here returns from despair. Because of this, devotees come from distant places in the fair. The development block is located in Chicholi, 42 kilometers away from Malajpur District Mainlaya. In Malajpur, Guru Gobaha Sahib’s Samadhi period is considered as 1700-1800 CE. Every year, the fair starts with the fullness of Paush. Baba Saheb’s meditation place is widely known for getting rid of the phantom obstructions. On the full moon day, on the day of khaskar, there is a lot of crowd of people affected by the phantom. Nobody here returns from disappointment. This period has been continuing for years. Where he is the tomb of Baba Saheb and his family. Before bathing the tomb, there is a bath on the bund site, it is believed that the victim of the phantom constipation gets cured as soon as he orbits orbits. There is aarti everyday in the evening. The specialty of this aarti is that the dogs of the court also join the Aarti and mix their sounds in the sank, kirtal sound. Mahant says that it is Baba’s blessings. Janpad Panchayat Chicholi and Mahant are arranged to stop devotees in the fair. 8 km away from Chicholi is far. Here bus can be reached by jeep or misery, four-wheeler vehicles. All types of luggage shops are also seen in the fair.