Tigariya Kala

The metal craft of Madhya Pradesh in the Betul district is done by the filling method or the ancient cire-perdue process. This casting method of making different utensils, animals, birds and other utility items is practiced by Bharevas.Various utensils, animals, birds and other useful items are made. Many activities of handicraft are going on in village Tigriya near Betul. Various art pieces are being made in Zardozi, wood crafts, Dhokra craft etc. Workshops are being made specially in which zari beats are being specially prepared. The demand of these wands is not only in India but also abroad. These artistic walnuts are about to identify the tigriya. The design of wax is being prepared especially by handicrafts from Bhopal. These wallets, purses are very liked by handicraft lovers. They gift these wallets to their people as gifts. Cushion covers, wall hangings, tecojies etc. along with the wallets are being made here too.

Bherva Metal kala




Wooden Art