About District

Located in the heart of India, the Betul District Paritra has gained the distinction of the origin of the river Tapti. Delhi Madras is located in the heart of Bhopal Nagpur on the main line. This district, which is located on the focal point of unbroken India known from the survey conducted by Ratan Todarmal, one of the nine gems of Akbar Mahan, unveils this district tribal culture.
Tribal Bahluliya district is spread in the Satpura series south of Betul. In the north lies the valley of Narmada and Berar in the south. This district is located between 22 “22” to 22 “23 ‘North Latitude and 77” -10’ to 78 “-33 ‘Descent. Hoshangabad district in its north, Amravati district of Maharashtra state in the south, Chhindwara district in the east and East Nimad (Khandwa) district in the west.

Betul district is situated on the height of 365 meters above sea level and above sea level in Satpura mountain ranges. The mountain range is higher on the east side. Which goes down towards the west. The average height is 653 meters high. The series divided into four parts (1) Satpuda mountain range (2) Tawa Morand valley (3) Between Satpuda plateau (4) is the valley of Tapti.

Tawa and Narmada are located on both sides of the Satpura mountain range. There are many high peaks in the series. The highest peak is Kilndev 1107 meters in the east. The old fort was built on peaks, which were useful for administration in the entire region. Tawa Valley is at an altitude of 396 meters above sea level. The more part of the valley is covered with precious trees (head teak) and the edge of the ground is fertile.

Plateau of Satpura, the height of the high hills in the eastern part of the district extends north. The tallest plateau in it spreads as 685 meter chadi belt. Mulatai tehsil 791 meters, the highest point on the west side of Khamla village of Bhamsadehi Tehsil is 1137 meters, which is the second highest peak after Pachmadi of the state, Tapti valley is in the form of 15 meter long and 20 meter chadi plaque, which extends to Damzipura .