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There is a cave of Lord Shiva in Salvari. There is a huge fair every year on Shivratri. There are devotees in number of millions every day in this fair, which lasted for a week. This site is located under the Village Panchayat Salvadan of Vikaschhna Prabhatapatan of Betul district. Tahsil Mulatai of the Salvardi Ballet and hill near Morsi of Amravati district of Maharashtra, on which a statue of Lord Shiva is repaired in a cave. It is generally believed that under this cave, there is a way to reach the Mahadev hill in Pachmarhi. Village Salabardi under the Janpad Panchayat Prabhatapattan of Betul district is famous for its picturesque verdict and ancient cave of Lord Shiva and the oldest Shivlinga in it. The characteristic of this Shivling is that here nature itself does the consecration of Lord Shiva indefinitely. Shivaling is continuously flowing continuously from the hillside. It is a legend that this Shivaling itself has erupted from the mythical era. This place is the center of tribute to the millions of devotees of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra province. Every year there is a huge fair at Shivratri, in which the crowd of people is a matter of curiosity. About 75 thousand to one lakh devotees gather in the seven-day festival organized every year. The main feature of the fair which can not be found elsewhere is the respect of the people. An unique example of this is that even after crossing the path of inaccessible path, not only men and small children, men and women also come for the observance of all day and night. Sivagupa is situated on the hill about three km above the village, getting control of such a vast population is not less than any miracle in itself. On the other side of the Shiva gupta reach route, Nissang has given his beauty with a free hand. First of all, there is a place named Sitahnani which was once known for its hot water reservoir, can also be seen continuously during the year of water flow in Muthaganga. When a passenger crosses the 3 km long Chavari and enters the Shivgupa, then he experiences supernatural peace and all the fatigue of the journey goes away within a few moments. There is also 3-4 other caves in the midst of Shivgupa, in connection with which it is said that through these caves, the path of the great Mahadeva, ie Pachmarhi, reaches. It is also said about Salburdi that when Lord Shiva was pursuing a demon named Bhasmasur, Shiva took shelter in this cave for some time. The Pandav cave on the hill cliffs is also famous, where at that time Pandavas had settled down at the time of anonymity. Along with other features, one feature of Village Salburdi is that this village is divided into half Madhya pradesh and Half Maharashtra. Thus, this village is also a symbol of the wonderful combination of two distinct cultures. Presently, Janpad Panchayat Prabhatapatan is seeing all the arrangements and efforts are being made to undermine this place.

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Nearest Air Port Nagpur and Bhopal

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Nearest railway station Betul

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115 KM from District Head Quarter.