Citizen Portal Scheme

Date : 15/02/2017 - | Sector: Urban, Rural

Under Citizen Portal scheme, if any problem is faced by common citizens, a complaint can be made without visiting the police station / office.
About 100 persons are being benefited daily in district Betul.


All the people who require police assistance can be availed of these facilities only by visiting the online portal.


1. Facility to view the first information report filed in Thana, 2. Viewing facility of arrested person in 24 hours, 3. Facility to complain online, 4. Character Verification- The facility of applying online for verification of character without visiting police station, if the application is made from Aadhaar, then the certificate will be obtained online only. 5. Facility to file information of missing documents, 6. Facility to give important or confidential information to police without disclosing their identity to mobile 7. Information on the map of your nearest police station and its route, 8. It also has a list of important telephone numbers of the police department, 9. Through this, the information about the missing and unknown body can be obtained. 10. Information about stolen and recovered vehicles can be obtained.

How To Apply

All the people who need police assistance can go to the online portal and avail these facilities by logging online portal