Anudan Par Kukkut Ekai ka praday

Date : 01/01/2010 - | Sector: Rural

Poultry unit supplied on grant 28 days 40 no of colored backyard unit without gender discrimination
The objective is to improve the economic condition of the beneficiaries through poultry farming.
The scheme provides for provision of 28 days 40 Chicks Low Input Technology of food grains, medicines / vaccination and transportation (including chick boxes) for all categories of beneficiaries without gender discrimination.
The scheme is for all categories of poultry farmers.
Price of 28 days 40 chicks without gender discrimination per unit (Rs. 45 / – per chick) Rs. 1800.00
Drug / Immunization Rs. 5 per chick Rs. 200.00
Transport (including chick box) Rs. 225.00
Total Unit Cost Rs 2225.00
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Approval of beneficiaries in Gram Sabha. Approval of the approved beneficiaries from the Gram Sabha in the Janpad Panchayat meeting. Obtaining approval in the meeting of the Agriculture Standing Committee of the District Panchayat after the approval of the District Panchayat.


Grant * 75 percent for all categories * Beneficial share 25 percent

How To Apply

Veterinary Officer / In-charge of the nearest Veterinary Officer / Veterinary Hospital of the concerned district.