Mukhya Mantri Kanya Abhibhavak Pension Yojana

Date : 01/04/2013 - | Sector: शहरी , ग्रामीण

The tradition prevalent in India requires the girl to leave her parents’ home after the marriage of the girl and she establishes her own family. In such a situation, the parents who have only female children have to remain alone in their old age after the marriage of their girl child. In this state, parents have to face many problems, especially those parents who do not have a son to look after them. Couples who, in their youth, with a view to establishing a small family without worrying about their children, they adopted a family planning program and supported the program being run by the government for the prevention of growing population. The state should be responsible for providing social security to such a couple. Keeping all these things in mind, the Madhya Pradesh government implemented the Chief Minister Kanya Guardian Pension Scheme to provide social security to those couples who have only kanyas, jointly (couple i.e. husband and wife) on completing 60 years of age. Is going.

For the purpose of providing social security to those couples who have only kanyas and after the marriage of the girls, the Chief Minister Kanya Guardian Pension Scheme has been started.For more details please visit departmental website


You are native to Madhya Pradesh. The minimum age of one of the couple is 40 years. Only daughter as the only child of the couple. The couple should not be an income tax payer.


600 / - per month to the couple.

How To Apply

Apply in the prescribed application form to the Gram Panchayat / Janpad Panchayat in the rural area, Municipal Corporation / Municipality / Municipal Council office in the urban area with the following records: –

Evidence in respect of a couple who have only daughter, no surviving son.
Affidavit in relation to who is not an income tax payer.
Evidence regarding age and residence.
A photo in case of a couple being joint photo / single.
Certified copy of the order issued by the Honorable Court for the death certificate / abandonment of the husband issued by the competent authority for the widow and abandoned women.