Mada Area

Date : 01/04/2004 - | Sector: Rural

66 villages of Mada area Prabhatpatna and Multai have been included. In order to raise the standard of living of the people of Scheduled Tribes and to provide basic facilities in these villages, special central assistance and under Article 275 (1) of the constitution will benefit the beneficiaries of agriculture, pod, dairy development, irrigation equipment, stop dams, drinking water, Benefits of bridge, culvert and CC road etc. are given.


In the meeting organized at the gram sabha level, the construction work of the infrastructure is demanded by the villagers. The above proposals go to the district level and are received from the district office.


01 per person, BPL tribal is given a profit of 30000

How To Apply

The selection of the applicant or the beneficiary is done by the Gram Sabha.