Inter-caste marriage promotion scheme

Date : 23/07/2007 - | Sector: Urban, Rural

Under this scheme, after the date of 23.07.2007, the newlywed couple will get Rs. 2.00 lakh. And citations are provided. The claim for the award will be valid only for a maximum period of 01 year from the date of inter-caste marriage. The eligibility will automatically end at the end of the 01 year period. The age of married couple is marriageable and one out of two is upper caste / backward class and second is of scheduled caste, and the applicant should be a native of Betul district.


A couple must have an enrichment Hindu and a scheduled caste. The claim is valid within a period of 01 year of marriage. Registration of Hindu Marriage Act 1955 is mandatory. A member of the tribe is a resident of Betul district.


The incentive amount of 2.00 lakh per couple is given in joint bank account.

How To Apply

Notary, affidavit, age, caste, residence, Aadhaar card with joint signature in the prescribed format and submit the application to the Collector / Assistant Commissioner along with a copy of the joint bank account.