Anudan ke Aaadhar Par Nar Bakara Praday Yojna

Date : 01/01/2014 - | Sector: Rural

In this scheme, provision of providing one male goat of advanced breed to all categories of goat parents on the basis of grant. The scheme is implemented in all the districts of the state.
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Beneficiary - Goat parents of all classes who have a minimum of 5 goats.


Scheme Unit - Jamnapari, Barbary and Sirohi goat unit cost - Rs 8300.00 (goat price 7500.00, insurance amount 2.75 percent for one year Rs. 206.00, mineral mixers Rs. 394.00 and training booklet and monitoring card 200.00) Grants - For all categories 75 percent and beneficial share 25 percent.

How To Apply

Selection process: Approval of beneficiaries in Gram Sabha. Approval of the approved beneficiaries from the Gram Sabha in the Janpad Panchayat meeting. Obtaining approval in the meeting of the Agriculture Standing Committee of the District Panchayat after the approval of the District Panchayat.
Contact- Veterinary Officer / In-charge of the Veterinary Hospital / Veterinary Medical Officer of the concerned district.