Integrated Road Accident Database Training

Publish Date : 25/03/2021

Integrated Road Accident Database Training organized in Police Control Room

The training of the Project Integrated Road Accident Database of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways was conducted in the Police Control Room on Monday to reduce the death cases due to accidents along the safe road. DSP Mr. Vivek Gautam,Traffic TI Mr. Anurag Prakash and all the police in-charge and police personnel were present in the training. This training was provided by District Information Officer Smt. Rachna Shrivastava and District Rollout Manager Mr. Ankaj Deshmukh.
Giving information about the integrated road accident version 2.0 mobile / web application in the training, it was informed that a database will be created through this app to reduce road accident. In case of a road accident anywhere in the district, its complete information such as the date of occurrence, time, place name, place around the incident, probable cause of the incident and other information will be maintained in the app.
This will help in knowing the places where road accidents are happening again and again in future, due to which measures will be taken to reduce the road accidents. In this application in training, how will the integrated road accident database be prepared and in the event of death or injury of a person in any road accident, what data and other information related to the incident,how to be filled Information given.
Information will be registered on the app itself from the site of the accident
Information was given in the training that after getting the information of the accident, the officials will be able to upload the photo-video from the mobile after reaching the spot. Information about vehicles is also available on the app. The police officer who reached the spot in case of an accident will have to feed the registration number of the vehicle concerned and the driver’s driving license number in the app. After which information related to the vehicle and license will be found.