Taapti Mahotsav

Tapti Mahotsav
  • Celebrated on/during: July
  • Significance:

    Multatai city M.P. Not only in the whole country, there is publicity in the form of the origin of virtue Salila Ma Tapti. Every year Taapti janmutsav celebrated in July month.Earlier it was known as a fundamentalist. People here come from far and wide to visit. Here is a beautiful temple. The information about the glory of Tapti river is found in the Skanda Purana. Under the Skanda Purana, the description of Taapti greatness is described. According to religious belief, Maa Tapti is known as Suryaputri and Saturn’s sister. This is the reason that people who are troubled by Saturn get relief from Tapti. Tapti all the heat stroke gives everyone the power of her life, with reverence it is also called Tapti Ganga. The immersion of the deceased persons is also done in Tapti. Mph Is the second major river. This river is not only religious but also economic social importance. Over the centuries, many civilizations have flourished and developed here. The length of this river is 724 km. This river flows from east to west and is situated on the banks of this river, Barhpur and Surat city. Tapti falls into Khadat Khadi in Arabian Sea.