Online e-Sugham (Integrated Letter Review and Public Grievance Redressal System) has been started in the district in view of their prompt resolution of the letters received from the Honorable Public Representatives and taking action on the references received from the senior officers and complaints received from the senior offices. References received from the Honorable Public Representatives, complaints received from the general public and senior offices through e-sugam are filed online and forwarded to concerned offices and its information is given to the applicant concerned. After taking necessary action on related grievances, the information of the proceedings is recorded online in the form of resolving and using the available facility on the website, the applicant is exposed to the status of the settlement of the application. The online filing details of the action taken on the application by the respective department are reviewed by the senior officer at the district office level and the applications are settled on the basis of the information received. In case of non-satisfactory action taken by the department, if the district office does not resolve the application, the re-related department is sent online along with a note. Using the e-facilitative system, the status review of the resolutions of the various departments by the collector is done per week.


Office of Collector & DM

Office of Collector & DM Ground Floor Collectorate Composite Building Betul
Location : Every Tuesday Applcation submitted in Jansunwai at Collectorate Office Betul | City : Betul | PIN Code : 460001
Phone : 07141230034