Project Undertaken - NIC BETUL

National Level Projects

  • MIS for National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS)

    For monitoring the status of implementation of National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, (NREGS), NIC HQ has developed an offline MIS software which is required to be implemented in all the blocks of the districts where NREGS is being implemented. Betul District was taken up for implementation in the Phase I. In preparedness for the implementation of the MIS for NREGS the household data from all the blocks in the district was compiled and sent to NIC HQ for processing. The offline MIS S/w was installed in all the blocks with the processed data. The MIS has been implemented in all the seven blocks of the districts.

State Level Projects

  • Parakh (Basic Services/Amenities Monitoring System)

    This program has been launched by the State Govt. for monitoring the services provided to citizens by different department. Village wise survey is done every month to get the status of the functioning of different departments. NIC MP State Centre has developed a software to capture the data of the survey and generation of various MIS reports for the District Administraation to monitor the performance of various department. The data is also displayed on the web-site for public accss and information.State Level monitoring of the scheme is done by the Chief Secretary on every third thursday of the month through video conference. The Collectors of all the Districts and the Commissioners of all the Division participate in the VC.

  • Samadhan On-line

    This facility has been started to resolve the public grievances online by the Hon'ble Chief Minister. All the Public grievances received by the CM Office are kept online. A web site has been designed, developed and hosted by the NIC M.P. State Centre Bhopal through which about 20 to 25 applications, selected randomly, are sent to the concerned officials online for submission of report on the same day. The report on the greivance should reach CM Office on the same day. CM takes up these greivances one by one with the respective Collectors online on Video Conference on the same day and issue necessary instructions for the redressal. First Tuesday of the month has been fixed for Samadhan Online.

  • Land Record Computerisation

    Bhu-Abhilekh the Land Record Computerisation project has been implemented in all the six tehsils of the district. The project involves timely updation of the Land details of the land owners, doing mutation entry, printing of Khasra and B1. The computerised copies of Khasra and B1 are being distributed all over the district at all the tehsil headquarters and also at some tehsils. Government is also planning to issue computerised maps of the land to the land owners very soon.

Other Activities

  • VPN Connectivity and Digital Certificate Installation

    NIC is providing VPN connectivity to all the users having their web sites on NIC servers for updating their respective web sites. Installation of VPN Certificates and technical support for updation of the web sites is being provided by NIC Betul to the local users having their websites on NIC Servers. Installation and technical support for the use of Digital Signatures provided to various departments is also being done by NIC Betul.

  • Connectivity to variuos offices through leased lines

    NIC Betul is connected to NIC Bhopal on a 34 Mbps leased Line . NIC Betul has provided leased line connectivity to Office of the District Collectorate, Post Office and Conservator of Forest, Betul.

  • Managing Video Conferences

    The Video Conferencing facility had been started by NIC Betul. The facility is being used by most of the departments regularly to interact with their head offices. VC facility is proving to be very beneficial as it saves a lot of time and money involved in traveling.